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Install Marlin on Creality Ender-3 Pro with installed silent Mainboard V1.1.5

This tutorial describes installing Marlin on Ender-3 Pro.

The hardware setup

  • Creality Ender-3 Pro
  • Creality silent mainboard v1.1.5
  • Octoprint installed on raspberry pi 3
  • Computer with Windows 10


I absolutely will take no responsibility for any damage that will arrise as a direct or indirect result by following the instructions in this tutorial! Everything you do, will be done at your own risk and under your own responsibility!

Required software

Download the latest Marlin and Marlin Configuration files to your computer. To get ready to compile the Marlin firmware, download and install the Arduino IDE.

Establish a ssh connection to your OctoPrint. Download and install avrdude.

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install avrdude

Install „Firmware Updater“ Plugin on your OctoPrint using the WebUI of OctoPrint.

Open your OctoPrint WebUi and navigate to OctoPrint Settings.
Select the Firmware Updater Plugin. Set the Firmware Updater plugin configuration to this settings.

OctoPrint Firmware Updater Plugin settings
Install Marlin Ender-3 Pro

Prepare Arduino IDE

Open the Arduino IDE go to File – Preferences

Arduino IDE - Marlin Sketch
Install Marlin Ender-3 Pro

Add the following URL to the Additional Boards Manager URLs:

Arduino - Preferences
Install Marlin Ender-3 Pro

Now download and install the board libary „sanguino“ using Boards Manager. (Tools – Boards Manager)

Select the Board: „Sanguino“

Arduino IDE - Boards Manager Sanguino
Arduino IDE - Boards Manager Sanguino Install Process
Install Marlin Ender-3 Pro

Select the Processor: „ATmega1284 or ATmega1284P (16 MHz)“ (Tools – Processor)

Arduino IDE - Processor Selection
Install Marlin Ender-3 Pro

Select the Programmer: „Arduino as ISP“ (Tools – Programmer)

Arduino IDE - Programmer Arduino as ISP
Install Marlin Ender-3 Pro

Install the „u8glib“ using Library Manger. (Tools)

Arduino IDE - u8glib install
Install Marlin Ender-3 Pro

Configuration Files

Copy and overwrite your downloaded configuration (Configurations\config\examples\Creality\Ender-3) examples for your ender 3 into your …/Marlin directory. 

I have made no changes to the files.

Marlin Git Clone

Now all preparations are completed and we can start compiling Marlin.

Compiling Marlin

Navigate to Marlin and open the Marlin.ino file with Arduino IDE.

Marlin 2.x Marlin Directory

The Marlin Arduino window should be opened with a lot of different tabs.

Arduino Marlin
Install Marlin Ender-3 Pro

To test the configuration click Sketch – Verify. This will start a compilation process and the IDE may bring errors in the lower part. The compilation process takes some time.

Arduino Marlin verify compile

If there are no errors it should look like this.

Arduino Marlin verify compile no errors
Install Marlin Ender-3 Pro

In this example I use the settings from the example. To make changes to the configuration you can do this under configuration.h I always recommend a verify after every change.

Export the compiled binary. (Sketch – Export compiled Binary)

Arduino Marlin export compiled binary
Install Marlin Ender-3 Pro

If the export step is successful, there are two new files in the Marlin directory. We only need the Marlin.ino.sanguino.hex file. To be on the safe side you can delete the file Marlin.ino.with_bootloader.sanguino.hex right now.

Marlin directory and binary
Install Marlin Ender-3 Pro

Now we are ready to upload the compiled Marlin 2 to Ender-3 Pro using OctoPrint Firware Updater.

OctoPrint Firware Update

Open your OctoPrint WebUi and navigate to OctoPrint Settings.
Select the Firmware Updater Plugin. Verify if the pluginconfiguration is present.

Click on the button next to „…from File“ and select the Marlin.ino.sanguino.hex file. Then click „Flash from File“ – flashing starts.

OctoPrint Settings - Firware Updater
Install Marlin Ender-3 Pro

The flash process takes about 2 minutes. Do not disconnect any cables during the process and keep the printer and OctoPrint Server powered on. After successful flashing, the printer restarts.

If an EEPROM error is shown in the display, restart your printer manually after successful flashing.

This error is reset with a Post-Flash GCode M502 and M500. This is done directly by the settings set in the firmware plugin.

Have fun and stay healthy.